Graduated members

We want to call for a round of congratulations for the following Colorado Beta Tau Beta Pi members who are graduating with the Spring 2021 class. You have worked hard and achieved a lot. Strive to maintain those high standards of excellence as you endeavor forward into your next adventure.

Remember, a Tau Beta Pi member is a member for life. As you continue on your journey, don't forget to remember and include your friends from Tau Beta Pi. This includes both members from your local chapter and all other chapters too.

If you're interested in staying involved, alumni members are always encouraged to join an alumni chapter in the area where they settle and/or to give back by becoming an adviser for a local chapter.

If you see or know one of the following members, be sure to tell them congratulations on their accomplishments.

Spring 2022

Divya Bhat
Software Engineer at Google
Alexander Bork (Chapter Officer)
Summer at Western Digital, then a Master's in Embedded Software Engineering
Taylor Buechel(Chapter Officer)
Anthony Danna
Propulsion Design Engineer at Agile Space Industries
Sarah Foley
Propulsion Engineer at Boeing
Joshua David Greenburg
Justin Hall
August Hauter
Connor Humiston
Zach Jordan
Max Kolanz
Graduate school after a gap year
Hagan Kolanz
Engineering at Kelvin Thermal
Robert MacFarland
Justin McMahon
Jenna Nielson (Chapter Officer)
Process Engineer at Phillips 66
Austin Ritz
Jacqueline Solis-Armenta
HVAC Design and Sustainability Project Engineer at 360 Engineering
Hannah Teed
PhD at Duke
Connor Maklain Vogel
FE and full time work
Jack Wilson
Travel before working
Yibo Yang