Information Sessions

What are the Info Sessions?

All eligible students should receive an e-mail inviting you to join us at one of our Information Sessions. Our current officers and members will be present to provide you with some information about our Colorado Beta chapter and about the national Tau Beta Pi organization. We will also be available to answer any questions you might have about the organiziation.

If you would like to look over the information ahead of time or are unable to make it but still want to learn about our chapter and the national organization, please check out the orientation slides.

Fall 2021 Info Sessions

The Info Sessions for the Fall 2021 term have already concluded and we've begun this terms initiation process.

Please maintain your high GPA ranking and hopefully you will meet the required threshold next term. If you are elibible again next term, you will receive another invitation to join.

Unable to attend?

If you received an invitation but are unable to join us for one of the sessions, please do you hesitate to contact us. The Info Sessions are optional as a way to learn about the organization.

Please contact our Vice President, Suhana Zeutzius, to start the process.