Student Leaders

Vismaya Bachu

I am currently a junior studying Chemical and Biological engineering here at CU Boulder. As a pre-medical student, I also intend to minor in Biomedical Engineering. My passion lies in science and I’m excited to someday work at the intersection of medicine and engineering technology.

Although born in India, I was mostly raised here in Colorado. I love hiking 14ers and the outdoors. Growing up, dance, singing, and playing the violin were a fairly large part of my life. Additionally, I can’t seem set books down after I’ve started reading them; my favorite author is Dan Brown.

Around campus, I’m also involved with volunteering in a sports medicine clinic, researching in a metabolic engineering lab, and bringing thought-provoking speakers to campus via the Distinguished Speakers Board.

Sean Sundberg
Vice President

I am currently a junior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in engineering management here at the University of Colorado Boulder. Out of the breadth of the mechanical engineering scope, I enjoy solid mechanics, CAD, and working in MATLAB the most.Outside of my coursework and activities in Tau Beta Pi, I am currently working in the College of Engineering's Non-linear Mechanics Lab, researching the adhesion and friction of patterned surfaces on soft, slippery substrates. I am also a brother in CU Boulder's Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity where I get to interact with people outside of the engineering college and do non-science things for a bit.

With what little free time that I have left I enjoy watching movies, sports, and TV, reading books, going to concerts, and spending time with my girlfriend.

David Molitor

I am currently a senior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have a keen interest in renewable energy with an emphasis in wind turbine blade design. I have been exploring aeroelastic oddities in high lift airfoils with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, and I'll be pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in the coming year to establish my credibility in working in the field of R&D.

Outside of school I enjoy Formula One racing as well as Cycling and Skiing. Outside of sporting and school, I enjoy attending fountain pen shows and meetups.

Stacy Hayes
Recording Secretary

I am currently a junior pursuing my BS in Computer Science and a minor in business. After graduation, I would like to go into national defense working for a federal contractor or directly for the government. After a few years in the workforce, I am looking to come back for an MBA and explore the managerial side of things, however in the long run I want to stay close to the programming I love. This summer, I am looking forward to returning to Colorado Springs to continue my internship with Lockheed Martin.

I am a Colorado native and love the mountains and the activities that come with them. In the summer, I enjoy going boating and water-skiing with my family at lakes around the state. During school, I enjoy tutoring computer science subjects and this semester I am also teaching local elementary school kids about engineering through fun hands on activities through TeachEngineering.

Hao (Kevin) Huang
Corresponding Secretary

Hi everyone! I am the Corresponding Secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. I am currently a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program. Out of all the subfields within mechanical engineering, I enjoy systems, controls, and working with MATLAB the most. I am currently a TA for System Dynamics helping students with labs and homework problems while also taking Feedback Control as a technical elective. Other than TBP, I am also holding an officer position in the American Society of Engineering Management where I have the opportunity to practice my professional skills. Outside of school, I love hiking and throwing the football around. Additionally, I have been playing the piano for about eleven years now, so every now and then I would sit down at a piano and practice some classical music!

Charles Van De Mark
Events Coordinator

I am a senior pursuing an electrical engineering degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. I am researching topics including micro-transistors and RF circuitry. I work as a tutor and participate in a few student clubs and volunteer programs. In the future, I plan to attend graduate school and continue researching for biomedical applications.

Erika Bailon
Web Master

I am currently a Junior studying Computer Science with a minor in TAM, here at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have always had a passion for Math and Computer so I figured CS was the best way to combine both. I also enjoy being involved in community and volunteering. I am a board member of WiC and an active member of SHPE, both student organizations at the BOLD center. I often volunteer in immigration cases to help people fill out applications or translate. I really love giving back to community and TBP is the perfect place to help me do that. Although is my first year as an officer, I am happy and excited to be part of it because of all the helping I get to do.

I was born here in the US, but I was raised in Mexico City since I was 1 year old until I was 20. I often go back to Mexico since all my family is there, in fact, I love traveling and try to go out of the country twice a year. In my free time I love going to the movies, hiking, dancing, going to concerts, and hanging out with my friends and siblings.


Sandy Pitzak
Chief Advisor

Sandy Pitzak is an aerospace engineer who spent over a decade working for various companies in the industry doing design, analysis, and operations of civil & commercial, manned & unmanned spacecraft before starting her own independent subcontracting business. Sandy's experience includes space situational awareness, orbital mechanics, systems engineering, electrical power systems, and environmental control & life support systems.

As an undergraduate, Sandy served first as corresponding secretary, then as president of the Colorado Beta chapter. Upon graduation with her BS/MS in aerospace engineering in May 2001, she was elected to the advisory board, becoming chief advisor in 2003. In this role, she helped Colorado Beta host the Tau Beta Pi National Convention in 2006. She is also a director of the Front Range Alumni Chapter, acting as liaison between the alumni and student chapters.

In her spare time, Sandy enjoys reading and watching programs about science, science-fiction, and fantasy. She can often be found riding her bike around Boulder or walking her pet dingo. Other hobbies include knitting, sewing, and personal finance. Feel free to contact Sandy with questions about Tau Beta Pi, anything space-related, life after college, etc.

Dr. Wendy Young
Faculty Advisor

CU Boulder Senior Instructor Wendy Young enjoys her mix of classroom teaching and external relations responsibilities. Since joining the department of chemical and biological engineering (ChBE) in 2009, she has tackled a diverse range of projects, from organizing department career fairs to lab renovations to creating triannual newsletters.

After receiving her PhD from CU in 2002, Young spent six years as a Senior Process Engineer with the Portland Technology Development (PTD) division of Intel Corporation. In this role, she was responsible for developing new lithographic tool and circuitry layer technologies, then teaching these technologies to visiting engineers from around the world. Since leaving Intel for CU, she has been fortunate to work on highly engaging service tasks while also teaching courses such as Chemical Engineering Laboratory and Separations and Mass Transfer. In her role as ChBE Director of External Relations, she has focused on department branding, communications via digital and social media, facilities management, and engagement of students, alumni and industry through mentor programs and various events.

Young is also the faculty advisor for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and Omega Chi Epsilon, the chemical engineering honor society, student chapters at CU.

Outside of CU, Young enjoys ultraracing, cold beers after long runs, and above all spending outdoor time with her family.

Greg Newcomb
District Director & Chapter Advisor

I've worked at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) for nearly a decade as an Embedded Systems Engineer, which means I gets to combine three of my favorite hobbies: software, electronics, and space. My MS is in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder.

I've acted as an advisor to the CU Boulder chapter since 2007 and before that served as the chapter President. I was appointed a TBP District Director in 2011, a post intended to facilitate communication between collegiate chapters and TBP HQ. My favorite parts of being involved with TBP are the frequent chapter visits, establishing relationships with chapter officers, and seeing officers grow into strong leaders.

Scott Busch
Chapter Advisor

Scott is an alumni of the Computer Science department of CU Boulder. He graduated from the BS/MS program at the end of 2009. Since graduating, he has been working for Brocade Communications System in Broomfield, Colorado. For Brocade, he is a embedded software and linux kernel module developer working on the firmware running their network switches and routers.

Outside of a work, Scott dedicates a lot of time to his athletics as a endurance cyclist participating in many rides in the front range and Colorado mountains. In addition to cycling Scott, is starting to participate in triathlon racing. In the time remaining, he likes to read, learn to play the piano, and get together with friends.

Scott has been an advisor for the Colorado Beta chapter since 2010. He is a past president of the CO-B chapter and currently is a member of the Front Range TBP Alumni chapter. He has greatly enjoyed working with the students to support them for leading the chapter's membership. He enjoys watching the students grow and learn new skills and grow in their experiences.