Initiation Checklist:

Initiation takes place twice each year, in the Fall and Spring.

Candidates must complete the following tasks prior to initiation.

  • Information Session (optional)
  • Creativity Presentation
  • Community Service Project
  • Interview with an Officer
  • Fill out a Catalog Card
  • Polish Your Bent
  • Pay Initiation Fee
  • Attend Initiation!

Information Session

At the start of each initiation period, we host a couple presentations to those invited to join Tau Beta Pi. During these sessions, we give a brief background about the Tau Beta Pi honor society, and the Colorado Beta chapter here at the University of Colorado Boulder. You are not required to attend an information session but it is highly encouraged.

Upcoming Information Sessions

    Please check back once the Fall 2020 semester has resumed, and we have started the initiaion process.

If you attended an information session, or received an e-mail invitiation but were unable to attend, please follow up with us by going to to let us know of your interest so that we may contact you.

Creativity Presentation

We like to see what our candidates do outside of school. You will give a 5-minute presentation to the other candidates on something you do or have done creatively outside of school.

Community Service Project

Volunteerism is one of the core values of Tau Beta Pi. All candidates must complete a community service project and submit a 1-paragraph writeup to an officer. The Volunteer Activities that we hold can be found on the events page.


Each candidate will schedule an interview with a current officer. The officer will ask the candidate questions to gauge whether he or she will be a good fit for Tau Beta Pi.

Bent Polishing

Each candidate is given an unpolished, rough bronze bent to polish until it is shiny. The bent shape is a structural element that supports or bears the load of a structure, and it represents Tau Beta Pi's principle of Excellence in Engineering. This part of the initiation process can take hours, so start early!

Initiation Fee

Initiation fees cover the costs associated with initiation as well as events.

Initiation Ceremony and Banquet

The initiation ceremony is open only to current Tau Beta Pi members and candidates. Family and friends are welcome to attend a banquet following the ceremony.

Please check back once the Fall 2020 school semester has started and the initiaion process has begun.